For a better future to help single parent families

Give a Little Change A Lot

Who We Are

We are very proud to institue the formation of is responsible for creating this Organization to help provide Meals at Thanksgiving & Christmas every year. Especially to try and care for Single Parent Mothers and their kids

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Our Mission is to care

— Caring

Because we encounter single parents families after a divorce we thought it was just natural to care

— We Find

If you are a Single Parent please email us. Try to get your information to us in the early part of the year so we can do our best to assist you

— We Help

By working with other Food Banks to feed children we join in and provide much needed meals especially during the holiday seasons

Impact Stories

The impact stories from families

We are happy to hear them and many thanks to all that provide them

A Brighter Future

By helping to provide kids with food and making Single Parent families able to show how much there care makes us feel like we have done something good forever